Our Profile

In 2005, we first time ventured in Foodstuff trading under the company name of Mother Foodstuff Co., Ltd. Situated in 51st, between Phoeyazar street and Kanaung Minthargyi street, Pyigyidagon township, Industrial Zone(1), Mandalay. Mother Foodstuff Co., Ltd. is owned by an ethnic across Myanmar.We are distributing qualified products, jelly and soft drinks made from organic fruits, across Myanmar.

We established and strictly implemented a quality control system that complies with international and Myanmar standards.

Chairman’s Introduction

We are providing care and support where it’s needed most in our country .We are trying to give the best situation for  the people  who need help. We faced struggle, difficulties to become my company will be more and more famous.

From the beginning of Mother Foodstuff Co.,Ltd, our vision is to build May May Foundation which support all the people who need help. Our company not only to support people but also we are dedicated to help to every each Staff ‘s difficulties in our Mother Foodstuff Co.,Ltd . We provide human resources as always. We are committed to reducing poverty and building a positive future of our company staff we work with.

We won’t forget our loyal customers and thank to our customers as always. We are using latest technologies to give a new taste of our services. Thus, we provide the best fully facilities services to our loyal customer.

We passed with struggle, challenges without looking down.To succeed in our mission, we must have single-minded devotion to our goal. We believe “Coming together is a beginning , keeping together is progress, working together is success”. We keep our achievement and  keep trying to become more and more get success.

Our Team

Vow of Mother Foodstuff Company

We are going to produce healthy products for consumers.

We, employees of May May, are going to work honestly and actively with unity.

We are going to pioneer new products with new technologies without stopping.

We are going to apply profit for all beings.

Prayers of Mother Foodstuff Company

May all beings be well.

May all employees be selfless and unite.

May all be able to strive for the promotion of Sasana and nationality.

May all show charity towards each other, and keep smiling.

May our mum feel peaceful, and having shared her metta.

We provide healthy and delicious food with
appropriate price to make public convenient

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